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KeyLogger Software

  • Records keystrokes made on your PC such as emails, online chats or characters typed in MS Word, excel, Notepad etc.
  • Track and log website url’s and web page links to let you find out others internet surfing habits.
  • Records chat conversations typed over Yahoo, Gmail, MSN messenger and other programs.
  • Records email activities performed on major web-based mail services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail and more.
  • Key Logger software records date and login time of every session created and works invisibly as background process.

Buy at only $45

Corporate License $369

KeyLogger Software secretly records every keystroke made on your computer or Laptop in your absence. Invisible Keylogger software records everything typed by user, whether part of a chat conversation, an email, instant message, Word document or any other application opened or launched anywhere on the system. Keyboard monitoring software periodically sends user activity encrypted log files at specified email ID with time and date of each visited session by the user. Keystroke recording software allows you to keep track of your employees, children and other user activity using your PC at regular interval of time without getting noticed by them. Professional Key Logger is a multifunctional keyboard tracking software widely used by both regular users and professionals all over the world.

Additional Features :-

  • Users can guard log files and software settings from unauthorized users by assigning password.
  • Completely hidden in Program menu, Desktop items, Startup Menu and even hides the installation files and folders.
  • Recorded activity reports can be viewed remotely by receiving logs through e-mail.
  • Software starts automatically as windows start and record everything from first to last typed character.
  • Software running in stealth mode can be easily accessible by assigning Hot key or Run command feature.
  • Generate reports in html and txt format as per choice and requirement.
  • Easily bypasses all major anti-key loggers.
  • Software does not affect the overall performance on your computer PC.