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Advance KeyLogger Software

  • Records keystrokes typed in MS Word, Excel, Notepad or composed emails, internet browsers.
  • Logs clipboard copy-paste actions performed by user in any program.
  • Track and record voice chat conversation details to check other user’s activities on Yahoo Messenger, Skype, MSN, Gmail etc.
  • Records each program that is run or accessed on your PC.
  • Captures screen shots of any visited application, website and document opened on your PC.
  • Save changes made in computer date and time settings with details of old and modified time.

Buy at only $49

2 PC License $88
5 PC License $195
10 PC License $296
Corporate License $399

Does your child take secret chat with strangers or access inappropriate websites? Now Advance Keylogger will solve all your problems and let you know details of each and every activity performed on the PC behind your back.

Keystroke logging used for all PC users who wants to monitor overall activities of users including keystroke typed in any application, clipboard activities or even voice conversations over Yahoo messenger, Gtalk etc. Keystroke recorder tool provides clear view of each and every activity performed by users with live screenshots of active window of your Laptop-Desktop PC.

Computer monitoring tool records every PC activity details and saves in encrypted log file that can be easily checked, no matter where you are located when it happens through e-mail or uploading via FTP server settings.

Additional Features :-

  • Software records and save all user activities that can be mailed to specified email address or uploaded via FTP server settings in stealth mode.
  • Software is hidden in Desktop items, Program Files, Startup Menu and also hides the installation files and folders so that external users are unable to detect keylogger installation.
  • Starts monitoring user activities as soon as windows start.
  • Keyboard tracker utility monitors activities of children, employees on your personal computer in your absence.
  • Password protected functionality prevents external users to read logs or change software installation settings.
  • Reports of activity logs can be generated in html or txt formats as per choice.
  • Hot key (F7, Tab+Ctrl etc) or Run command (PCDM etc) accessibility helps to unhide the software working in hidden mode.
  • Software keeps backup of log files to be viewed later.
  • Crystal view of keystrokes facilitates to view every input keystrokes or only printing keystrokes as required by system owner.
  • Software provides an attractive graphical user interface (GUI) with easy to use friendly environment.